Pininfarina Helped Transform A Luxe NYC Townhouse Into Supercar-Stocked Batcave

Bruce Wayne would approve.

(Automobili Pininfarin)

Fans of superheroes and supercars can now get a taste of how Bruce Wayne, Batman’s gazillionaire alter-ego, lives the high life courtesy of a new exhibit featuring Italian automaker Pininfarina.

Pininfarina, which is now selling Bruce Wayne-inspired rides, is among the brands on display in the invite-only “Wayne Enterprises Experience” at a posh Manhattan townhouse this month. The look into the world of Bruce Wayne comes via an event produced and curated by Warner Bros. Discovery Global Consumer Products and Relevance International.

(David Christopher Lee/Courtesy of Automobili Pininfarina)

The experience delivers a “unique opportunity to see the sophisticated bachelor pad” of Bruce Wayne, reflecting his enviable lifestyle across a seven-story townhouse.

(David Christopher Lee/Courtesy of Automobili Pininfarina)

For the occasion, the automaker delivered four one-off Bruce Wayne-inspired models, putting a new spin on its all-electric Battista and B95 hyper Barchetta. The best part? Each model is for sale, although interested parties should inquire online via BruceWayneX.

“All four designs reflect Wayne Enterprises’ pursuit of innovation and Bruce Wayne’s own personality,” the automaker said, noting that each of the four next-level vehicles generate 1,900-horsepower through a high-capacity 120kWh lithium-ion battery and four motors.

Pininfarina Battista Gotham (Automobili Pininfarina)

For context: That means the pure-electric models in the covetable fleet can hit 62 MPH in under two seconds (faster than a current Formula 1 car). Bruce Wayne would assuredly approve.

As if that wasn’t fast enough, tailgate shark fins in the Battista models further improve aerodynamics, while the upgrades also include bespoke ambient lighting and panoramic driver-and-passenger glass roofs.

(Automobili Pininfarina)

Dubbed the “Gotham” and “Dark Knight” editions, each ride puts a modern spin on the sort of wheels only a man of Bruce Wayne’s status could possibly access.

(Automobili Pininfarina)

First revealed in April, the exclusive and alluring fleet offers a tantalizing look at what the billionaire might prefer when behind the wheel.

The results also tend to fall more in line with the luxe stylings of Christian Bale as a modern-day Batman, rather than Robert Pattinson’s decidedly moodier, noir-inspired take on the Caped Crusader, but it’s clear that each automobile is supremely cool.

(Automobili Pininfarina)

And the rest of the Bruce Wayne-centric experience envisions how Master Wayne might live and dress, including high-tech gadgets, fashion and jewelry.

(David Christopher Lee/Courtesy of Automobili Pininfarina)

At every turn, the luxury automaker’s distinct creations were fueled by Bruce Wayne’s legendary (and expensive) lifestyle, Automobili Pininfarina said.

“Bruce Wayne is a billionaire visionary entrepreneur committed to technological progress, and we have created unique and bespoke versions of Battista and B95, which include new features developed for his exclusive tastes and needs,” said Paolo Dellachà, Chief Executive Officer at Automobili Pininfarina, calling it “the perfect partnership.”

“These are cars he would certainly have in his Gotham City garage,” Dellachà added. Each ride surely gets the Wayne seal of approval, and the luxurious world of Batman’s alter ego is just a bit closer within reach this month.