Silently Cruise The Sea In a Rand Mana 23 Electric Dayboat

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Rand Mana

Rand Boat’s Mana 23 tackles a few problems, one of which might not occur to the average boat owner: Boats are loud. With electric engines aided by solar cells, the Mana 23 offers a completely silent ride on the waves.

It’s a pretty minimalist dayboat with sleek lines. The deck can hold up to 10 passengers and there’s also a sun lounge located over the solar panels as well as a bench. 

Rand Mana

The Mana 23 also has low-key cork detailing all around the body of the boat plus room for other options, including kitchen amidships beside the control console. Speaking of which, yes, this is essentially a “Plug & Play” watercraft according to the manufacturer, one that can quietly cruise over the waves at up to 12 knots.

Rand calls the Mana 23 the “most environmentally friendly motorboat in the world,” and they may just be right.

Rand Mana

The Mana has one of the most straightforward steering consoles you’ll see in a boat like this, one that’s been intuitively and ergonomically designed for pleasurable boating. Along with a captain’s seat that’s been practically combined with the engine hatch everything is coordinated for maximum accessibility.

Some specs from the manufacturer:

  • Hull length 720 cm (24 feet)
  • Hull width 230 cm (7.5 feet)
  • Weight without the engine is 690 kg (1,521 lbs)
  • Engine size, battery capacity, and hybrid options can be adjusted to the customer’s needs

The Rand Mana 23 is priced from approximately $53,500. Learn more at