Renault’s New Concept Car Is a Self-Driving Luxury Lounge

WAY cooler than taking a limo.

Renault unveiled a truly stunning look at what the future of autonomous cars could look like at the 2018 Paris Motor Show.

The all-electric Renault EZ-Ultimo is the third of three “robo-vehicle” concepts created by the French automotive manufacturer in 2018, the other two being the taxi-like EZ-Go and EZ-Pro truck. 

By far, the EZ-Ultimo is the best looking. Unlike its boxy brothers, all 19 feet of its long-and-low body are designed to turn heads. 


A “champagne”-colored diamond pattern in the upper section is balanced with deep greens and blacks throughout the lower section and undercarriage, while wheel wells hug the tires tight to minimize wasted space. 

Inside its gull-wing doors is an interior that’s equal parts radical and sophisticated. Renault aimed to give the three-person cabin the atmosphere of a private “first-class lounge” that’s constructed from high-end materials like marble, leather and wood. 


Passengers are free to converse and bask in its elegance without laying a hand on the wheel. The EZ-Ultimo is equipped with level 4 autonomous driving capability on the SAE 5-level scale, meaning the car can manage distances, speed and lane changes by processing data gathered from a combination of radar, lidar and ultrasonic sensors. 

Renault describes the EZ-Ultimo’s purpose similarly to that of a prestige limousine company. A couple couple rent one for a special occasion like an anniversary or birthday. Alternatively, five-star hotels and travel agencies might purchase a fleet of the ultra-luxe rides to chauffeur customers as part of an existing premium service.


Decadent as it may be, designer Stephane Janin told CNN that the EZ Ultimo is meant to be affordable to rent for small chunks of time. 

We’d gladly take it for a test drive—or rather, a test ride. Take a closer look at Renault’s self-driving lounge in the gallery above.