Rick Ross Reveals Insane Camouflage ‘Tank’ With Louis Vuitton Seats

The car-crazed rapper showed off a camouflaged armored vehicle mounted with rifles ahead of the first annual Rock Ross Car & Bike Show.

(Getty Images)

Rick Ross has moved on from “Lamborghini Doors” to a rifle-mounted armored vehicle with Louis Vuitton seats.

The car-crazed hip-hop star hyped his first annual Rock Ross Car & Bike Show with an especially Instagrammable behemoth of a custom car.

“MY TANK HAS BEEN DELIVERED!!!” Ross captioned video of the vehicle rolling down a flatbed. “THE TOYS BEGINNING TO ARRIVE!!!”


While the four oversized tires show it’s clearly not an actual tank with caterpillar tracks, the make and model of the monstrous ride remain a mystery. Spokeless flat rims and all body panels are shrouded in camouflage, save for thick caging below the rear quarter and a massive black bumper.

Semi-auto rifles are mounted over the front wheels, while a third long-barreled weapon system sits on top in a turret. Ross also posted an image of a Louis Vuitton-clad driver’s seat cushion surrounded by an otherwise spartan interior that’s seen better days.


In a follow-up Instagram video captured at Ross’ “Promise Land” estate in Fayetteville, Georgia, a gorgeous red 1959 Chevrolet El Camino can be seen emerging from the back of a box truck.

During a recent appearance on The Breakfast Club radio show, Ross promoted the upcoming celebrity auto show featuring 100 cars, 20 motorcycles, an army tank, a firetruck, two NASCARS, five Rolls Royce luxobarges, and more.

“My affliction for cars, we turned that into a business,” Ross explained, per iHeart. “Here we are. We’re having a car show May 21 on my property at my crib. That’s $750 a ticket times 750. We separating the lil boys from the big boys. And that’s what this is about. It’s just not about the cars.”

“This is about networking. You feel me? It’s big boys in here. We talking big money and anybody that’s got business to do with the car culture, this is where you really want to be at.”

Tickets are available for the Rick Ross Car & Bike Show here from $750.