This All-Electric Pickup Truck Is Quicker Than a Porsche 911

Silent but violent.

If you thought it was impossible for a pickup truck to outpace a supercar, think again.

Startup automaker Rivian unveiled the R1T “electric adventure vehicle” at the Los Angeles Auto Show, and its performance specs are truly extraordinary. 

The Michigan-based company claims that the AWD EV’s quad-motor system produces around 750 horsepower and can propel the vehicle to 60 mph in 3 seconds—faster than a Porsche 911—and reach a top speed of 125 mph.

Its estimated range with a 135-kWh battery pack configuration is over 300 miles, but with an optional 180-kWh battery pack configuration that slightly reduces acceleration, range extends past 400 miles.

Rivian says the foundation of the R1T is a “skateboard platform,” which efficiently packages the battery pack, drive units, suspension, braking and thermal system all below the height of the wheel, leaving the space above for occupants and their gear.


The R1T’s 1,764-pound payload capacity is within 120 pounds of the best-in-class 2019 Ford Ranger. But in addition to superior acceleration, it’s packed with even more tech than its gas-powered counterparts, including Level 3 autonomous driving capability. 

Rivian has further details: 

The R1T will launch with a robust hardware suite with multiple modalities including camera, lidar, radar, ultrasonic and a high precision GPS coupled with high definition maps. This hardware enables “Level 3” (hands-off wheel and eyes off road) autonomy for highway operation.

The digital experience extends beyond the vehicle into the cloud ecosystem and mobile/web applications and provides a consistent and seamless interface for vehicle status and control.

The in-vehicle experience consists of a custom 15.6-inch center touch screen, 12.3-inch instrument cluster and a 6.8-inch rear touch screen.


Admittedly, the interior isn’t as stunning as other high-end pickups like the Mercedes-Benz X-Class, but it does offer thoughtful touches like the use of sustainably-sourced wood throughout the dash and instrument clusters. 

Pricing for the R1T starts at $61,500 with the first models set for delivery in late 2020. Rivian is now accepting preorders for a refundable deposit of $1,000 through their website