This 150-MPH Electric Superbike Is Silent but Deadly

It’s as fast as it looks.


A Belgian company that has been chasing a win at the insane Isle of Man TT motorcycle race — a timed lap of the mountainous island’s medieval public roads at triple-digit speeds — has developed a street-legal version of their racebike.


As a tribute to Saroléa‘s roots racing on the Isle of Man, the street bike is named the Manx7.

It packs 163 horsepower, has a 150 mph top speed and a maximum riding range of 205 miles, all of which put it in solid middleweight superbike territory.


The Manx7 is built with a carbon fiber frame and swingarm, plus top-notch Ohlins suspension and brakes from Beringer. But even with the carbon fiber and CNC-machined aluminum bits, the Manx7 tips the scales at a hefty 477 lbs., because of the heavy batteries every electric vehicle needs.


With the biggest battery, for the 205-mile range, the starting price is $57,000. That’s steep, but look for more affordably priced electric motorcycles to explode in availability when Harley-Davidson launches its production LiveWire motorcycle that it has been showing for some years.

Harley-Davidson LiveWire

California’s Zero Motorcycles are already available, but that company lacks the brand awareness, marketing budget and distribution network to effectively popularize a new technology like electric motorcycles.

2018 Zero S

As electric motorcycles become mainstream there should be room for as many players as there are today in the combustion-powered motorcycle market, so we look forward to more new models from Saroléa.