This Electric Motorcycle Comes With a Damascus Steel Knife, Carbon Fiber Helmet and Bespoke Riding Suit

The upscale e-bike package has everything you need to rule the road.
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Sarolea Electric Bike  (3)

Four Belgian brands have joined forces to create a modern bike package that's as speedy as it is stylish. 

At two-wheeled core of the electrifying collab is a Sarolea Manx7 e-superbike that the storied motorcycle manufacturer converted into a sleek streetfighter called the N60 MM.01. 

Sarolea Electric Bike  (4)

Thanks to a lightweight body that boasts a carbon fiber chassis and fairings, titanium fasteners, and forged aluminum OZ Gass-R wheels, the EV's air-cooled, 163-horsepower electric motor and single-speed transmission are good for 62 mph in under three seconds, according to Hi Consumption

Sarolea Eelctric Bike  (1)

With regard to range, the N60 on par with some of the most impressive e-bikes we've seen: Riders can cruise for 205 miles before pulling over to get an 80-percent charge in just 20 minutes. 

Sarolea Electric Bike  (1)

The rest of the includes collection includes a Cafe Costume slim-cut tailored biker suit, a Hedon "Carbon Heroine" racing helmet, and a Studio Blade commemorative Damascus steel knife—everything you need to rule the road. 

Only 20 N60 packages will be produced, so contact Sarolea now if you just have to have it.  

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