Shaquille O'Neal's Custom Ferrari F355 Spider Can Now Be Yours

The convertible top was permanently removed to accommodate Shaq's king-sized stature, and the aftermarket seats are embroidered with his signature "Superman" shield.
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Shaquille O'Neal 1998 Ferrari F355 Spider (1)

If you missed out on the chance to buy Michael Jordan's 1996 Mercedes-Benz S600 Lorinser, you can still cop another baller custom ride formerly possessed by an NBA legend. 

This 1998 Ferrari F355 Spider is "said to be owned by basketball player Shaquille O'Neal," according to its listing on Bring a Trailer. That may not sound terribly convincing until you see that the exact same custom car appears to be featured in the above episode of MTV Cribs. 

Shaquille O'Neal 1998 Ferrari F355 Spider (2)

As Shaq states in the clip, he permanently removed the convertible top assembly, as the hulking seven-foot-one-inch four-time NBA champ had no use for the confined space of the Prancing Horse's closed cabin. This mod allowed for installation of a one-of-a-kind tonneau cover that's color matched to the Argento Nurburgring silver paint coat. The fuel tank was also relocated from behind the seats to the front trunk compartment to accommodate Shaq's king-sized stature.

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The Scuderia fender shields, side air inlets, and mesh rear grille are stock, as is the vented deck lid that houses a naturally aspirated 3.5-liter V8 originally rated for 375 horsepower. The 'Rarri rides on silver-finished 19-inch Giovanna Luxury rims wrapped in Pirelli P Zero rubber, with Brembo brakes providing stopping power. 

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Another sign of its celebrity provenance are the aftermarket black and sliver seats. The headrests are embroidered with the "Superman" shield, a nod to Shaq's documented love for the "Man of Steel." Alpine drivers and tweeters were also equipped as part of a custom sound system upgrade with Bluetooth connectivity. Interestingly, Shaq opted for Maranello's F1 automated manual six-speed transmission in lieu of the traditional stick, hence the paddle shifters. BaT reports that this gearbox was the first of its kind to be equipped in a road car. 

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Shaq's 1998 Ferrari F355 Spider shows 7,400 miles on the odometer, with only 1,000 miles added since 1997. The current bid is $48,500, which is right in line with Hagerty's value of the F355. Click here to learn more.

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