The Koenigsegg Regera Retakes 249-MPH Production Car Speed Record

The kingly hybrid hypercar slashed the record set by the all-electric Rimac Nevera by over a second.


The Koenigsegg Regera, named after the Swedish verb for “To Reign,” has just reclaimed its crown.

The kingly hybrid hypercar reigned had previously set the the zero-to-249 mph acceleration record at 31.49 seconds before the all-electric Rimac Nevera usurped the time by achieving the same feat in 29.93 seconds in early 2023.

But the Nevera’s time at the top was short-lived, as Koenigsegg just cut the 249-mph acceleration time down to 28.81 seconds. According to The Drive, the Regera was simply fitted with a new set of Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 R tires, while its aerodynamic profile and power output were left untouched.


The most notable factor was the proving ground. The Regera completed its trial on a runway at Stockholm’s Orebero Airport, which offered a much smoother pavement.

“This specific record is one that means a lot to Koenigsegg,” Christian von Koenigsegg, Founder and CEO of Koenigsegg, said in a statement, “as it’s a record that covers every aspect of extreme performance.”

It’s worth noting that the Regera isn’t even Koenigsegg’s most recent car. First revealed in 2015, the Regera’s 5.0-liter V8 and three axial-flux electric motors together produce a potent 1,500 horsepower in its base configuration.

But the Jesko, which runs a 1,600-hp evolution of the Regera’s powertrain, is currently being delivered to customers who are no doubt eager to hit its ludicrous 300-mph top speed. And then there’s the forthcoming 1,677-hp Koenigsegg Gemera, billed as the world’s first “Mega-GT.


“The fact that the Regera can still surprise and amaze the automotive world after all this time is a testament not only to its timeless design, but to engineering and technology that was way ahead of the curve,” Koenigsegg concluded.

“It’s something that makes me extremely proud, and as the Jesko customer cars are being delivered, we can’t wait to show you what’s next.”