The Mercedes-AMG SL63 Is A Stunning Six-Figure Sports Car

Mercedes’ top of the SL class disappears into the sunset at a throttle’s push. 


There are rare occasions where a car will turn heads, break necks and leave people awestruck because of its mere existence. The goal of the 2022 Mercedes-AMG SL63 is to do just that.

With roots harking back to the fabulous 300SL, the modern SL63 sits atop gargantuan 21-inch wheels that sport 375/35 tires on the front and wider, 305/30 rubber on the rear. The body is rounded at every visible corner, with a little Porsche 911 inspo in its rear end.


While many design and tech elements have been updated, there are a few entirely new features on the SL63. For example, the chassis design comes fresh from the AMG engineering drawing board. The pumped-up version of this chassis will also be used on the upcoming AMG GT and represents one of the final chassis built around internal combustion engines.

The AMG SL63’s rear seats come with seatbelts, indicating that humans could sit there—an ambitious proposition. On the other hand, designer bags, leather jackets and other posh accessories will fit just fine. The soft fabric top (plus weather-resistant layers) is back in business and the bolt-on hardtop is being phased out. Two versions of the SL63 will be available, both in AMG configuration.


The belt-line is raised high, and the seat drops low into the chassis. Inside, one sits in something more like a bathtub than a typical car seat. The lowdown position doesn’t help visibility but keeps even taller drivers away from the airstream that runs over the windscreen when the soft top is tucked away.

Most of the interior surfaces are wrapped in leather with contrasting stitching, while all interior design lines flow and blend with adjacent ornaments. It feels more exotic and natural compared to older SL generations.


One of the biggest changes of the SL63´s inside is the popping infotainment system. A large screen sits above the center console, dominating everything around it. It looks oversized, even blocking some airflow from the vents, but the screen and connected infotainment system work flawlessly in a way that’s purely Mercedes-Benz. The screen is clear in any lighting conditions, inputs have no delay, and the user interface takes little to no time to get used to.

Beneath the rounded body of the AMG SL63 rests a compact front five-link suspension that takes up most of the space between the wheels, meaning AMG can later decide to put whatever feels best within the engine bay, which is clearly shaped for a hybrid or full electric drivetrain.


Yet, the mechanical prowess of the AMG SL63 oozes at every turn. Turn the wheel and the car bites into the asphalt with a huge appetite. Add on the 2.5-degree rear wheel steering and the car hardly feels as long as the 106.3-inch wheelbase makes it sound.

Put it on twisty roads and the roadster will unleash all its 577 horsepower and 590 pound-feet of torque. While it shares the same V8 with the SL55, the AMG SL63 goes above and beyond in performance. Just make sure to pair it with the quick-shifting nine-speed automatic gearbox.


In desperate pursuit of fuel economy, Mercedes included an Eco mode instructs the ECU to use the highest gear available and resist downshifting.

With base pricing starting at $179,900, a long history to uphold and the imminent end of the ICE era, the AMG SL63 had a lot to account for. In a world where most joyride cars come with a fixed roof and always fighting against wind resistance, the AMG SL takes the path less beaten.

The six-figure price tag is fully justified through exactly the perks that made the SL model so desirable in the past: It’s visually and mechanically beautiful, catches the eye and quickly disappears into the sunset at a throttle’s push.