The Pininfarina Battista Set Two Absurdly Fast World Speed Records

Watch the electric hypercar break the quarter- and half-mile speed records for production vehicles.


The Pininfarina Battista is officially the world’s fastest accelerating car.

Sporting Italian tri-color racing stripes, the all-electric supercar from the fabled automotive design house completed a record-setting 8.55-second quarter-mile sprint at the NATRAX testing facility in India—watch the dramatic moment below:

According to Road & Track, the Battista beat out the all-electric Rimac Nevera by just .03 seconds to take the production car quarter-mile record.

Later in the session, the 1,900-horsepower-plus exotic also set the half-mile record at 13.38 seconds before maxing out at 222 mph at the helm of an Autocar Indian journalist. The Nevera still holds the top-speed record for electric production cars, which it set at 256 mph in late 2022.


“This year, new Battista owners are excited to explore the unprecedented performance of this design and engineering masterpiece,” CEO Paolo Dellachà said in a statement.

“These speed records—and independent tests—have validated our ambition to create a new generation of hyper and luxury car leading with Battista, whereby electric power delivers performance that is simply unachievable in the world of ICE powertrains.”

“Nothing prepares you for the brutal acceleration and pace of the Battista. It’s like being shot from a cannon,” added Hormazd Sorabjee, who was joined by colleague Renuka Kirpalani on the top-speed run.

“Equally amazing is the ease with which Battista hit its top speed, within just half a straight of Natrax’s high speed track. Even at VMax, the Battista felt rock solid, relaxed, and discreet. This is the future of speed.”


The records are a landmark achievement for Pininfarina. Founded in 1930 by Battista “Pinin” Farina, the legendary Italian design house penned many of history’s most beloved automobiles through half a century of collaboration with Ferrari, the last being 2012’s F12berlinetta.

The Battista is the first Pininfarina automobile created since its split from Ferrari. But as Maxim previously reported, the Battista is only the beginning of Pininfarina’s larger plans to become the foremost manufacturer of electric luxury cars.

An upcoming vehicle based on the Pininfarina PURA Vision concept will launch the all-new S-LUV (Sustainable Luxury Utility Vehicle) category, though not much information about the half-SUV, half-shooting brake has been made public.