These Are the Top 10 Most Instagrammed Electric Vehicles

Did your dream EV make the list?

Instagram EVs BMW i8 and Tesla Model S Promo
Top: BMW

Instagram mods come down hard on content deemed sexually explicit under its community guidelines. But the photo-centric social site is brimming with car porn of all varieties, from modest daily drivers to custom supes and of course, electric vehicles. 

As EV sales have increased by 160 percent in the first half of 2021 compared to the past year, car leasing provider Nationwide Vehicle Contracts looked specifically into the electrified auto segment’s presence on the ‘gram to see which models are the most popular. 

After compiling a list of 108 pure electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs), the British company tallied the total number of hashtags each model has received. 

Two things to note. The priciest performance EVs like the Ferrari SF90 Stradale or Lotus Evija weren’t included—all but one of the entries on this list cost less than six figures. And keep in mind that many IG users will post a photo of one model then tag several others to boost engagement, meaning that this metric isn’t perfect. We have Tesla fans in particular to thank for that.  

See the top 10 most Instagrammed EVs below, and head to Nationwide Vehicle Contracts to learn more. 

10. Nissan LEAF – Electric 

118,961 Tags

9. BMW i3 – Electric 

119,022 Tags

8. Volvo S60 – PHEV

167,000 Tags

7. Kia Optima – PHEV

222,496 Tags

6. Tesla Roadster – Electric

222,496 Tags

5. Tesla Model X – Electric

368,490 Tags

4. Porsche Cayenne – PHEV

447,608 Tags

3. Tesla Model 3 – Electric

474,650 Tags

2. Tesla Model S – Electric

509,975 Tags

1. BMW i8 – PHEV

970,056 Tags