These Women Are Way Better Drivers Than You Are

Here’s how you can help these Indiana Joans get dirty.

Face it: these women of off-road racing are faster than you are. But they can only prove that if they have the money to race, so they’ve joined forces to produce The Women of Off-Road Racing 2016 calendar to raise money for next season.

The calendar is the brainchild of desert racer Emme Hall, who competes in the nine-day, all-female off-road Gazelle Rally through Morocco (with no GPS allowed!). The calendar funds her team, The Indiana Joans (come on, admit it, that’s a funny name) to race in the rally. But more importantly, half the proceeds go to the Cedars Sinai Breast Center, for their breast cancer work.

“I decided to create the Women of Off Road Racing calendar, because I knew so many awesome ladies who deserved some recognition for being total badasses, not because they had, well…great asses,” Hall quipped. “I have nothing against with posing in a bikini next to a race car, but it’s just not for me, and I knew it wasn’t for a lot of my friends either.”

These are real, actual racing drivers, each with a story and competitive goals. They aren’t models posing in racing gear to sell a product. Some are young and some aren’t, but they are all racers and deserve support and admiration for their effort.

There are even mother-and-daughter teams who race together, like breast cancer survivor Julie Pierce and daughter Lauren. The $20 calendar covers 16 months, so you get four bonus pictures. Consider them motivation to hone your off-road driving skills.

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Photos by The Indiana Joans