This 320-HP Jet Ski Is a Turbocharged Superbike for the Sea

Full-face helmet required.


While Conor McGregor is the proud owner of a Lamborghini Sian-based yacht that’s been called the “supercar of the sea,” Belassi’s new Burrasca jet ski is being likened to the watercraft equivalent of a crotch rocket. Or as the Austrian company puts it, a category-inventing ” Marine hypercraft.”

With a hefty dose of body paneling coated in a equal parts Racing Red and Bright White high-gloss paint, it’s easy to immediately draw a parallel to a Ducati’s similarly colored superbike. 


“Part of creating something special is to make a product less industrialized—that’s why the Burrasca is handcrafted,” Belassi said in a statement. “The lines of the Burrasca are sharp, stunning and instantly recognizable.”

Carbon fiber, a material that’s employed in top-level motorsport construction, is also used to create the top deck, handle bar, exhaust and full carbon reverse flap. . There are even four chrome tailpipes, recalling the back ends of supercars. 


Meanwhile, the race-grade composite hull with a pointed keel slices through water with 320 horsepower produced by a turbocharged 1.6-liter marine three-cylinder. 

Robb Report notes that it’ll hit 62 mph in sub-four-seconds and top out at 74 mph, putting it firmly in the upper echelon of jet ski speed. Not to mention, it can hit 3 Gs in a sharp carve. 


Much like a performance motorcycle or car, the dash is loaded with ways to track your ride across two screens. The first features integrated GPS for speed and position, a boost indicator, fuel level, total engine hours, and even two driving modes: Sports and Rookie. 

A second screen features light up indicators for the g-meter and service, an engine system monitor, cruise control status, auto-hold, and error indicator. 


Priced at $59,300, the Belassi Burrasca is currently only available in Europe and Asia