Now Is the Time to Buy a Track-Killing, 505-HP Camaro Z/28 for Insanely Cheap

The speed-to-dollar ratio is unbeatable.
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The problem with so many of today's insanely sophisticated and fast rides is that they are prohibitively expensive. But thanks to your friend depreciation, the scorching fast 2014-'15 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 can be bought in the mid-$30,000 range, putting it on par with a boring crossover SUV.

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This for the amazing Camaro variant that includes Multimatic spool valve shock absorbers, carbon ceramic brakes and track-ready Pirelli tires that ran the price tag new up to $75,000.

Those parts, and a 505-horsepower small block Chevy V8 combined to propel the Z/28 around the Nurburgring in a stunning 7:37.47 lap time, despite the driver encountering rain on part of the lap!

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Thanks to the tireless investigative work of Bozi Tatarevic at, we now know that Chevy's hot rod is rolling out of auto auction houses for $35,000.

For those less expensive examples, you can expect the Pirellis to be overdue for replacement, so you'll be facing some immediate costs. 

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But the incredible small block engine, ceramic brakes, and carbon fiber aerodynamic bits such as the front splitter and rear spoiler will all still be there, ready to rocket you right into the local lock up if you don't choose to exploit their speed potential on a track.


We know there is a still-faster Z/28 in the works, but that car doesn't yet exist, and the old car is now available for 50 cents on the dollar, so the time is right for you to indulge in this bit of amazing American iron.