Tony Soprano’s Boat Could Be Yours

Now’s your chance to own a piece of “Sopranos” history by purchasing “The Stugots.”


If you’ve ever dreamed of inhaling a pepper, provolone and gabagool sandwich on the water, this is definitely the boat to own.

The very watercraft helmed by James Gandolfini’s Tony Soprano on HBO’s iconic gangster drama The Sopranos is for available to purchase for $300,000.

While it was known on the show as The Stugots—or the mob boss’s member in Italian-American slang—the 1997 Came Fear 47 Sportfish is currently named Never Enough, per United Yacht Sales.

“My client purchased this Cape Fear in 2016 mostly because he and his family love to fish,” said United Yacht Sales broker Paul Ouimette. “Of course there is a cool factor to having the boat that was in The Sopranos and makes for a great conversation piece.”

The yacht seller is careful to point out that this particular iteration of Stugots appeared only in the show’s pilot as a discreet place for Tony and his mistress to rendezvous.

A 43-foot Egg Harbor that was supposed to be the same boat had multiple appearances in season 2. Tony memorably storms off of this Stugots and onto a neighboring watercraft to threaten a nosy Russian’s manhood in episode 5. He then even more memorably whacks mafioso-turned-informant Sal “Big Pussy” Bonpensiero below deck in episode 13.

But it was the Stugots II—a 55-foot Ocean Yacht—that had perhaps the biggest role onThe Sopranos, being the setting from which a Dean Martin-fueled psy-op was launched against money-grubbing owners of a Jersey Shore beach house in the finale of season 4.

Still, the OG Stugots is an undeniably awesome piece of Sopranos—and therefore television—history.

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