Jesse James Reveals His Favorite West Coast Choppers

Celebrate the 30th anniversary of West Coast Choppers with the "Monster Garage" host's favorite custom bikes of all time.
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Before Jesse James was transforming cars and bikes into badass custom street machines on Monster Garage or crafting ornate custom pistols as a luxury gunsmithhe made the very first West Coast Choppers build in his mom's Long Beach garage back in 1989. 

James has since relocated to Austin, but is still creating jaw-dropping rides for West Coast Choppers 30 years later. To celebrate the anniversary, James rounded up his favorite custom creations exclusively for

From Kid Rock's one-off El Diablo to a Frankenstein-esque WCC Dominator that's mated to a freakin' radial aircraft engine, check out each loud-and-proud moto in the gallery above, with commentary about each bike from the man himself.  

To enter for a chance to work alongside James on an all-expenses-paid trip to West Coast Choppers, pick up one of the brand's "30 Years Anniversary Contest" commemorative keychains here.

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