Watch This Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato Soar Off A Dirt Jump

The off-roading Huracan takes flight courtesy of YouTuber Mark McCann.

The Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato, the final and off-road-ready variant of Lambo’s long-running V10-powered supercar, comes with a “Rally” dynamic setting that’s optimized for loose surfaces, like dirt and snow. But based on Rally mode’s inclusion in the Lamborghini Integrated Vehicle Dynamics suite, one could also infer that the Sterrato should be able to handle the types of jumps featured in off-road rally stages.

It’s a bit of a stretch, but thankfully, YouTuber Mark McCann put that ill-advised inference to the test in a new video, clickily titled “JUMPING A LAMBORGHINI STERRATO.”

(YouTube/Mark McCann

Before the big jump, the car collector and British UTV SXS 1000cc champion visited the UK’s Cowm Quarry Off Road Centre, which McCann describes as “150 acres of the world’s toughest terrain tackled, usually, by the toughest 4×4 off-roaders in the most extreme vehicles.”

After taping a Land Rover badge over the Raging Bull emblem and installing some very rudimentary paint protection film, McCann did some dirty donuts and drove the lifted supercar over a few modest features. It struggled to clear rocks measuring a few inches in diameter or traverse the chewed-up quarry bottom filled with potholes.


McCann concluded that the off-road proving ground was too extreme an environment for the Sterrato, given that it offers just 1.7 inches of extra clearance when compared to the standard Huracan. However, that height and custom-engineered Bridgestone Dueler AT0002 run-flat tires are ample for tearing up a rallycross-worthy dirt track, which McCann was happy to demonstrate.

The culmination of the video is of course the jump teased in the video’s title—a maneuver that McCann and his crew didn’t seem confident in executing, given the Sterrato’s struggles in the quarry. Nevertheless, the YouTuber sends it several feet high and long, and despite a somewhat awkward landing on the driver’s side of the nose, the Sterrato rolls away without sustaining any visible damage, as Road & Track points out.

(Lamborghini Huracan)

Sadly, the Sterrato and all other Huracan variants are sold out forever, as production is due to end in 2024. Fingers crossed that we’ll see a off-road-ready version of the new Lamborghini Revuelto flagship.