Yeah, Bitch! American Hero Aaron Paul Breaks Lap Record on British “Top Gear”

The Breaking Bad and Need For Speed star shows the Brits how it’s done.

He might be most closely associated with a crappy Toyota from the 80s, but the fact is, the actor formerly known as Breaking Bad‘s Jesse Pinkman knows how to drive. Yes, when the always awesome Aaron Paul paid a visit to Top Gear recently, he took on the program’s “Reasonably Priced Car Challenge” and blew away the competition, landing smack dab on the top of the leader board. Perhaps he picked up some skills while filming his upcoming car-porn-heavy film, Need for Speed, in which he plays a wrongfully imprisoned gearhead who must make a fast cross-country drive to settle a score with a rival. We’re sure Walter White, wherever he is, is very proud of his protégé.

Top Gear premieres Monday, March 10, 8:30pm ET on BBC AMERICA.

Photos by Mark Yeoman, © BBC Worldwide