You Can Buy Red Bull Racing’s Championship-Winning F1 Simulator For $120,000

Channel your inner Max Verstappen with this insanely over-the-top racing simulator.

(F1 Authentics)

Formula One cars are quickly gaining traction in the collector market, a trend that Maxim covered in its latest issue. But if the $1 million (at minimum) required to purchase a real F1 car seems a bit rich, Red Bull Racing is offering a $120,000 simulator version of its 2022 F1 championship-winning RB18.

(F1 Authentics)

Crafted in collaboration with F1 Authentics, the 2022 Oracle Red Bull Racing RB18 Show Car Simulator’s body was designed and manufactured using the team’s official CAD data.

The airflow-directing, grip-increasing front wing and removeable cockpit halo that typically helps prevent drivers from deadly impact are not at all functional in a stationary gaming setup, but they do make it look much more authentic than the more artful racing sim designs by Aston Martin and Prodrive.

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(F1 Authentics)

F1 Authentics also promsies that the hardware was “finalized” in partnership with the racing team, though details on the simulator program weren’t provided.

Other notable features include a curved AOC monitor, force-feedback steering wheel, and a Z906 Ultimate THX surround sound. Buyers can also pick between the 2022 (and 2023) Red Bull Racing drivers’ liveries—Max Verstappen’s or Sergio Perez’s.

(F1 Authentics)

Priced at $124,210, the 2022 Oracle Red Bull Racing RB18 Show Car Simulator – Champions Edition is available to order now.