The Zaiser Electrocycle Is ‘World’s First AWD’ Electric Motorcycle

This ain’t your grandpa’s Harley.

Zaiser Motors

While new electric car companies are sprouting left and right, the electric motorcycle space is still in a nascent stage that has yet to boom. Zaiser Motors wants stake their claim for the world’s first AWD electric bike with the Electrocycle. 

The Denver-based upstart’s design is underpinned by an industry-first twin-hub powertrain featuring an electric motor on each wheel hub. This allows for power to be delivered to two different contact patches, which obviously means more torque gets to the pavement before the grip breaks. 

Zaiser Motors

But Zaiser says the twin-hub setup also will also improve safety through stabilization and power rider assistance aids, offer true traction control, and increase efficiency. 

Crucially, Zaiser’s design also accommodates fully removable and replaceable batteries, meaning that as EV technology evolves, so will the Electrocycle’s performance specs. 

Zaiser Motors

Currently, a 17.5-kWh that sits between the wheels will be good for a 300-mile range, according to the company’s predictions. That’s 50 miles farther than the 2021 Energica EVA EsseEsse9+, which topped Cycle World’s best e-motorcycle range list in 2020. The Electrocycle will be affordable, too, with a $25,000 target price. 

Zaiser Motors

The seven-person team Zaiser has assembled begin production of the Electrocycle is impressive, with former SpaceX and WABCO employee Hunter Shank serving as chief engineer. CEO Christopher Shipman and CPO Anthony Cross bring years of experience from the engineering, tech and creative industries.

Zaiser is crowdfunding its first $500,000 using Wefunder, a Kickstarter-like service that offers users equity instead of product in exchange for donations. Investors who get in now will get the best terms, so click here if to do that if interested.