You Can Now Reserve The World's First All-Electric Ford Bronco

The iconic American 4x4 is getting electrified.
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Zero Labs Ford Bronco (1)

We've seen vintage muscle cars get electrified before, namely Charge Automotive's 60s-style Ford Mustang

Now an-LA based firm called Zero Labs is doing the same thing to one of the baddest utes of all time: the Ford Bronco.

Zero Labs Ford Bronco (2)

Like other restomods of the vintage American ride we've seen from Icon 4x4 and Maxlider Brothers Customs, Zero Labs' version appears to be based on the first-gen Bronco that debuted in 1966. The build uses 1,000 original parts, including the Bronco chassis. 

But instead of a snarling V8, output comes from an electric motor and 70kWh battery that are good for 369 horsepower and a 190-mile range. 

Zero Labs Ford Bronco (1)

Strangely, the AWD drivetrain has a five-speed gearbox, which seems totally unnecessary given that EVs generally generate torque instantly. Perhaps Zero Labs gave it a stick to appease purists who consider an electric Bronco to be sacrilege. 

Zero Labs Ford Bronco (2)

Those same people might also dislike the interior, which is available with either handmade walnut or bamboo panels and optional "vegan interior coverings" in place of leather. 

One thing everyone can definitely agree on is that the carbon-fiber body and custom nickel-plated headlights look incredible. 

Zero Labs Ford Bronco (1)

A production date and price hasn't been released, but you can reserve the Zero Labs Ford Bronco now for free online