Zero Labs Debuts Latest All-Electric Ford Bronco

This retro-style electric Bronco is more powerful than ever.
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Zero Labs Ford Bronco 2 (6)

In 2019, the world's first all-electric Ford Bronco received widespread attention as a high-quality restomod by Zero Labs that merged the American 4x4's iconic look with modern EV technology. The L.A.-based builder just announced its new 2.0 Classic Electric Platform that improves upon the 1.0's design with a host of automotive upgrades.

Zero Labs Ford Bronco 2 (7)

If the 300-horsepower AC electric induction motor doesn't suffice, Zero Labs will now slap on a second motor double the total output. The curious five-speed manual transmission, which is something of a anomaly among today's electric vehicles, has been replaced a fully clutch-less automatic unit with and a classic shifter. The Level 2 AC charger has been upped to a Level 3 Fast charger.

Zero Labs Ford Bronco 2 (3)

Gone is a toggle between 2WD and 4WD in lace of an AWD-only drivetrain. The solid axles have also been swapped for an independent front and rear suspension. 

Zero Labs Ford Bronco 2 (2)

Other new features include a slight revision to the vehicle's balance, which is now 50/50 instead of 45/55, a choice of a hardtop, soft-top or roof-less "beach cruiser" configuration, and an option for a classic factory steel body—the 1.0 platform was available exclusively in carbon fiber. Rounding out new features is a dynamic air ride height adjuster. 

Zero Labs Ford Bronco 2 (1)

Zero Labs' Bronco still has a 190-mile range and uses over 1,000 redesigned parts sourced from classic 1966-77 models, as well as Brembo GT brakes and adjustable Fox Racing shocks with coil-over suspension. Inside are handmade walnut or bamboo panels and optional "vegan interior coverings" in place of leather. 

Zero Labs Ford Bronco 2 (8)

Zero Labs joins a host of other companies that restomod the beloved Bronco, including Velocity Restorations, Maxlider Brothers Customs and Icon 4x4, but none of those are electrified. This particular steel-bodied variant starts at $185,000 before options, while the carbon-fibered body will be even pricier, according to CarBuzz. Interested? Click here to reserve one before they're gone.