Zero Launches First Fully ‘Smart’ Electric Motorcycle With More Power and Range Than Ever

The 110-horsepower Zero SR/F could be the future of electric bikes.

Zero SRF Promo
Zero Motorcycles

Zero Motorcycles is pushing electric bikes further and faster than ever with the 2020 SR/F. 

The all-new EV vastly improves upon already-impressive selling points of previous models like the Zero SR, which produced 70 horsepower and projected a range between 90 and 100 miles when we tested it last year

The SR/F, however, blasts 110 horses directly on to the pavement almost instantaneously at the twist of the throttle via a clutch-less direct-drive transmission.   

Better yet, Zero claims the SR/F’s range is 200 miles thanks to a new, more efficient motor and lithium ion battery, though you’ll need to stay away from its 124-mph top speed if you want to go the distance.

As for fueling, the SR/F also boasts the fastest recharge capacity in Zero’s lineup. At a Level 2 charge station, the SR/F can be powered up to 95 percent capacity in just one hour when equipped with three independent charging models. 

Zero bills the SR/F as the first fully “smart” motorcycle, and for good reason. The bike has four ride modes—Street, Sport, Eco and Sport—and 10 more customizable slots. Best-in-class straight-line ABS, cornering, traction and drag control come courtesy of Bosch’s Motorcycle Stability Control. 

More tech is packed into Zero’s Cypher III, a computerized hub that can send alerts to a smartphone app if the bike is tipped over, moved or lost. The system also allows riders to monitor battery levels and in-use measurements like speed, lean angle and torque, as well as remotely download updates to the operating system. 

The Zero SR/F with a 3 kW Rapid Charger starts at $18,995, while the premium SR/F model with 6 kW Rapid Charger, fly screen, heated hand grips, and aluminum bar ends starts at $20,995. 

Available in Seabright Blue and Boardwalk Red color schemes, both models are slated to hit dealers this spring.