Aston Martin, McLaren & Red Bull Have Most Valuable F1 Racing Sponsorships

The combined total value of Aston Martin’s sponsors is a staggering $9 TRILLION.

(Eric Alonso/Getty Images)

One might assume that Red Bull Racing would attract the most valuable brands of all the teams on Formula One’s grid.

Red Bull entered the 2023 season as the reigning champion constructor, with back-to-back drivers’ champion Max Verstappen behind the wheel. And now, with six races still remaining on the F1 calendar, Red Bull has already clutched its second consecutive constructors’ championship, with Verstappen expected to three-peat the drivers’ championship at the upcoming Qatar Grand Prix.

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Even so, Red Bull is a very distant third on the podium of most valuable F1 sponsorships.—at least according to one metric implemented in a study conducted by Oppizi.

The offline marketing site created a list of each of the 10 F1 teams’ primary sponsors, then researched each sponsor’s market capitalization, or the total value of a company’s shares of stock. Oppizi then simply tallied up each team’s sponsors’ market cap and used that sum as a representation of a team’s total sponsorship value.

“The high-value sponsorship deals that are taken up by these Formula One teams are primarily showcased on the team uniforms, fan merchandise, and the cars themselves,” said an Oppizi spokesperson.

“The livery of each car is the main focus of the team’s identity and brand image, so featuring their sponsors proudly contributes to this image. Advertising brands on Formula One cars is an excellent form of marketing for the sponsors, as all Formula One fans will be exposed to this marketing through watching races in person or on television. The marketing of Formula One sponsors extends beyond the season as fans purchase and walk around wearing team hats, shirts, and other memorabilia in their day-to-day life.”

Red Bull’s biggest sponsor by far is Oracle, an American tech company that boasted a $307 billion market cap at the time Oppizi conducted its study. Another $81.8 billion comes from the energy drink brand for which the team is named, bringing Oppizi’s Red Bull Racing sponsorship valuation to $388 billion.

Ferrari isn’t far behind in fourth place, with an estimated $334 billion sponsorship value thanks largely to the Shell gas company, followed by Alpha Tauri at $150 billion, Alpine at $117 billion, Mercedes at $94 billion, Alfa Romeo at $40 billion and Haas at $1.07 billion (Data for Williams was unavailable when Oppizi conducted the study.)

Even if you added all of those sponsorship values together, it still would be hundreds of billions short of McLaren’s $1.622 TRILLION estimated sponsorship value, thanks largely to its Google-owned partners Android and and Chrome.

However, Aston Martin is truly in a league of its own when it comes to Oppizi’s sponsorship valuation at a staggering $9.059 TRILLION. This is mostly thanks to Aramco, a Saudi Arabian oil company with a $8.02 trillion market cap. Though information technology consultancy Cognizant is Aston’s second-biggest sponsor, its market cap is a mere $35.58 billion.

Aston Martin currently sits at fourth in F1’s constructors’ standings, with 221 points. But by sponsorship valuation, they’re miles ahead of the pack.