Watch a Bulked-Up Bryson DeChambeau Smash Golf Balls in Scary Training Video

Move over Mike Tyson—here comes a terrifying new training video.

Golfer Bryson DeChambeau has been making headlines for his newly beefed-up physique, and now the 26-year-old Californian has dropped an impressive new training video of him hitting golf balls as hard as he can.

Reminiscent of Mike Tyson’s recent training videos of the former boxing champ hitting the mitts, DeChambeau’s Instagram clip, simply captioned “Leveling up”, shows him absolutely smashing countless golf balls into a practice net. 

Bryson DeChambeau/Instagram Screen Grab

The New York Post recalls that DeChambeau told reporters last October: “I’m going to come back next year and look like a different person. You’re going to see some pretty big changes in my body, which is going to be a good thing. [I’m] going to be hitting it a lot further.”

From the looks of his new Instagram video, DeChambeau’s newly-increased power is not only paying off, it’s also making him the most talked-about golfer in the game.

“Everybody in golf is talking about Bryson,’’ Golf Channel analyst Brandel Chamblee told The Post. “His peers are nonstop talking about Bryson. They’re being asked about Bryson. Everybody in the game is obsessed with what Bryson is doing. It’s turned golf on its ear, and it’s just great for golf.’’

The Post also revealed DeChambeau’s diet and workout regimen:

His daily diet includes four eggs, five bacon strips, toast and three “Orgain Protein’’ shakes for breakfast. While playing, he said he has two “GoMacro’’ bars, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and a protein shake every six holes.

After the round, he adds snacks and another protein shake. For dinner, he has steak and two more protein shakes.

To help bulk up, he’s used Greg Roskopf’s “Muscle Activation Techniques,’’ a training method to add muscle.

Watch DeChambeau’s video above, and just be glad you’re not a golf ball. For more golf news, read our interview with top-ranked Rory McIlroy here.