Carmen Electra Recalls The Time Michael Jordan Dragged Dennis Rodman Out of Bed In Vegas

“It was definitely an occupational hazard to be Dennis’s girlfriend.”


ESPN dropped episodes 3 and 4 of The Last Dance on Sunday, giving viewers a pretty deep look at just how much drama happened behind the scenes during Michael Jordan‘s and Dennis Rodman’s tenures with the champion 97-98 Chicago Bulls. 

Even with all the NBA luminaries sharing the screen, Rodman ex Carmen Electra took center stage, telling about how for her, being Rodman’s girlfriend was an “occupational hazard.” Especially that time when Jordan charged into the hotel room she was sharing with Rodman and dragged him out of bed.

The full story was that Rodman had been given 48 hours off. He headed to Vegas with then-girlfriend Electra. 

“The party was starting right away,” says an alarmingly youthful-looking Electra, 48, in Sunday night’s airing of Last Dance, “One thing about Dennis, he had to escape. He liked to go out. He liked to go to clubs. We’d go to his favorite restaurant. Then we’d go to a nightclub. Then we’d go to after hours. It didn’t stop. It was definitely an occupational hazard to be Dennis’s girlfriend.”

Electra goes on to say she “didn’t realize what the team schedule was,” and “didn’t know [Rodman] took a detour.”

She found out when Jordan, as he says in the doc, decided they had to get Rodman’s “ass out of bed.” 

He wouldn’t elaborate much past that but Electra did, saying, “There was a knock on the door. It’s Michael Jordan and I hid. I didn’t want him to see me like that, so I’m just, like, hiding behind the couch with covers over me.”

Meanwhile, Electra shared an even steamier Rodman story in a recent interview with the Washington Post about her life with The Worm. During one wild episode, Rodman blindfolded her and drove her, on his motorcycle, to the Bulls facility, and then the couple proceeded to have sex all over the place.

“One day when the Bulls had an off day from practicing, Dennis said he had a surprise for me,” she said. “He blindfolds me and we get on his motorcycle. When he finally takes my blindfold off, we’re standing at the Bulls practice facility, center court.

It was crazy, like two kids in a candy store. We were eating Popsicles from the fridge and pretty much having sex all over the damn place — in the physical therapy room, in the weight room. Obviously on the court.”

She bursts out laughing. “To be honest, I don’t think he’s ever worked out so hard in his life.”

The tea isn’t getting spilled quite that liberally in The Last Dance, but what we do get—like the outlines of the Rodman story above—is fascinating and funny. And revealing, as in episode 4, which highlights the fact the 97-98 Bulls still hate the Detroit Pistons even a couple of decades later for walking off the court without shaking hands after the Bulls beat them in the playoffs.  

Asked his opinion of the Pistons walking off, one-time Bulls forward Horace Grant says they were “straight-up bitches.” 

Isiah Thomas claims that it just wasn’t a tradition at the time, but Michael Jordan calls bullshit on that.

“There’s no way you can’t convince me he wasn’t an asshole,” Jordan says, because the GOAT will call it like he sees it, after all.

The Last Dance continues next weekend on ESPN. Here’s the Sunday night schedule:

Sunday, May 3

  • Episode 3 (rebroadcast): 7 p.m. ET 
  • Episode 4 (rebroadcast) : 8 p.m. ET 
  • Episode 5: 9 p.m. ET 
  • Episode 6: 10 p.m. ET 

It wraps up May 17, 2020, but if you miss it, The Last Dance will be available on Netflix in the US beginning July 19.