How CBD Is Helping This Pro Golfer Improve His Game

PGA pro Billy Horschel reveals how taking beam CBD products has elevated his golf game.


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Sports, as the saying goes, is often a game of inches and there might be no better example than the PGA Tour. One missed fairway or a lone putt that comes up a hair short can mean Q School instead of a Tour card. Just ask Billy Horschel. 

The nine-year PGA veteran won his first-ever tournament in 2013 with a 28-foot birdie putt on the 72nd hole and went on the following year to claim the FedExCup title and a $10,000,000 bonus. This season, the 33-year-old has been off to a sizzling start with four Top 10 finishes in his first ten events. And he credits beam–a new CBD wellness brand–for providing him that extra inch or two.

Launched in 2018, beam features THC-free CBD products that improve physical and mental well-being. The CBD company’s signature CO2 extraction method preserves not just pure, THC-free CBD oil from the hemp plant, but also maintains a range of terpenes and other botanical compounds that help beam’s products work better. 

What helps separate beam from the bevy of other CBD brands flooding the market has much to do with founders. Matt Lombardi and Kevin Moran are both former pro athletes (Moran was an MLB pitcher while Lombardi played in the NHL). 

“Matt and Kevin understand that what an athlete puts in his body has got to be clean,” explains Horschel. “And that gives me a ton of assurance.”

Horschel raves about two particular beam products, both essential for improved performance. The first? Clarity, an energy-boosting blend made from fast-acting nano CBD powder, as well as lion’s mane to help speed nervous system recovery, Rhodiola for strength and endurance, and ashwagandha for focus. 


Although a supplement’s effectiveness isn’t as easy to measure as driving distance, Horschel vividly remembers the first time he tried Clarity. “I took it in the morning and went and practiced,” he recalls. 

“I didn’t realize it until later in the day when I reviewed how I’d practiced and I was like, “Man, I was really focused, really sharp out there.’ Sometimes when you’re practicing out there for 6 or 7 hours, your mind can wander. But I had such a sharpness of focus for a longer period of time than I would have if I didn’t take it.”

Even Horschel’s wife Brittany, who has an active role in his career and raises their three children, got in on the action. “She takes Clarity a lot,” says Horschel. And she told me ‘this really works!” It’s allowed her to be sharper and much more focused.”


Beam’s nightly blend Dream has also become part of Horschel’s regimen. It was created to improve sleep with soothing and sleep-inducing compounds including melatonin, magnesium, L-Theanine, and nano CBD powder. “It’s exactly what it says it is,” says Horschel. 

“When you’re on the PGA Tour, traveling all around the world, staying in different hotels in different time zones, it becomes hard to get a good night’s rest. When I take Dream I get that deep sleep and I feel rested and truly recovered.” The proof, he’s found, is in the WHOOP, the popular fitness tracker. 


“I looked at the data and realized I’d always been running on about 5 ½ hours sleep. I wasn’t giving my body a proper chance to recover. By adding Dream it’s allowed me to get close to that 8 hours on a constant basis.”

Yet beam isn’t just about the mind. It works on the body as well. The process of doing one movement–a golf swing–all day every day can take its toll. Horschel knows this first hand. His rookie and sophomore seasons on the Tour were cut short by a tendon injury to his left wrist. While he’s avoided serious injuries since then, he’s now using The Fixer, beam’s CBD-infused salve that treats muscle soreness and stress.

It’s another edge. Another inch. Another way beam could mean the difference between good and great. 

“I’m 30-something in the world right now,” says Horschel. “And there’s a very fine line between me and the top 10. So whatever I can do to give myself an advantage to get there I’m going to try it.”