Conor McGregor Calls Out His Next UFC Opponent With a ‘Grand Theft Auto’ Style 1-Word Tweet

Here we go…

Conor McGregor is known for losing to Floyd Mayweather, his UFC titles, Irish dancing skills, and for his mouth. The MMA superstar has the gift of gab, often battering opponents far in advance of actual matches with verbal assaults that are as thoroughly insulting as they are hilarious. 

On Friday, however, McGregor changed things up and tweeted one word: “Tony” and a mockup of him in a Grand Theft Auto-style game with a gold gun in hand, driving a boat while money flies from a satchel behind him.

If there was any doubt as to whether McGregor was calling out MMA fighter Tony Ferguson and implying a challenge, McGregor’s coach John Kavanagh chimed in with a tweet of his own.  

As UniLad noted, Ferguson is the logical target for McGregor’s tweet. The fighter gave an interview to MMAJunkie in which he said the Irishman “needs to do is defend or vacate. That dude’s got like less than a month.”

Ferguson noted that UFC rules give McGregor “a year to start defending his belt.”

“I’m more then ready for December,” Ferguson said. “[McGregor] said he wants to fight in 2017. I think the fans deserve it. I think I deserve it.”

Apparently McGregor agrees, if his tweet is any indication.

We’ll know for sure if the men enter the Octagon in Vegas on December 29, 2017.

h/t UniLad