Two Former Pro Athletes Launch a Must-Have Hydration Product

The groundbreaking products battle dehydration by packing your body with electrolytes.

beam elevate

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Did you know that according to a survey completed by Cornell Medical Center, 75% of American adults are chronically dehydrated? Likely, that means you—The Institute of Medicine suggests women drink 2.7 liters and men drink 3.7 liters of water a day.

That said, beam’s new elevate line of hydrating products is extending you a helping hand to hydration. “The majority of Americans are dehydrated and don’t even know it,” explains beam co-founder Kevin Moran. “This dehydration leads to stress, fatigue, headaches, and all sorts of other serious issues. The majority of people wake up and deal with dehydration on a daily basis and don’t even realize it.”

beam elevate

While the wellness pros at beam are known for their CBD-infused performance products, the elevate hydration line marks beam’s first foray into CBD-free products. It was born out of a very personal place for Moran. 

“When I was training for Ironman, I realized that hydration was a key component of training,” Moran says. “I had a traumatic, near-death experience from training. From a triathlete perspective, if you’re not hydrated correctly, your muscles literally stop working. No matter how much willpower and conviction you have, it’s impossible to get your body to work.”

beam elevate

After undergoing this experience, Moran searched for a product that could help keep him hydrated through grueling training. But there just wasn’t one. “The products available weren’t high-performing,” he describes. “Nothing I found was hitting the mark, from both a performance and an efficiency perspective.”

beam elevate

Moran wasn’t the only one who thought this. “A hydration mix was our most-requested product over the past 12 months,” he reveals. “Our community wasn’t happy with what was currently available in the hydration market, and so we created something cleaner, more efficacious, and offered better benefits to the 75% of Americans who are chronically dehydrated.”

So Moran and beam co-founder Matt Lombardi, both former pro athletes, went about crafting a hydration product that could keep up with their lifestyle. While drinking more water may seem like an easy solution, Moran notes it’s more complicated than that. “It’s just part of the equation,” he says. “You need electrolytes and sodium to support you and replenish the things that are coming out of your body.” 


The three products under the elevate line deliver fast hydration balanced with an added boost of electrolytes. Each product zeroes on a different wellness goal.

The watermelon-flavored performance targets hydration and energy using citrulline and beetroot powder to help send oxygen and nutrients to your muscles. A dash of 30 mg of caffeine and a dash of Vitamin B helps convert food to energy to fuel your day and enhance your endurance.

recovery, with bright and fresh lemon flavors, highlights hydration and collagen. The mix is made with collagen peptides to help promote healthier joints, skin, hair, and nails, with BCAA added in to increase muscle growth and relieve soreness and fatigue.

beam dream

balance is a refreshingly mixed-berry flavored probiotic and hydration mix. The stack helps gut health, looking to Vitamin D and K, hydrating electrolyte powder, and essential probiotics and prebiotics to kick start digestive enzymes crucial to converting food into energy. All three hydration sticks can be stirred into a glass of water in the morning or post-workout.

beam fixer

elevate is beam’s first CBD-free range, joining a roster of high-quality functional supplements that target balance, performance, recovery, and sleep. All of beam’s products are paleo and keto-friendly, plus there’s no added sugar.

 “I think the exciting thing about these products is that it’s for the high-performing athletes—the best athletes in the world—but we want them to be reachable and tangible for everybody,” Moran says. He takes elevate before training, while his 60-year-old mother sips elevate daily in her green tea.

That duality extends to all their products. beam’s products fixate on a range of issues athletes, both professional and every day, face on a regular basis. fixer, a CBD-infused balm, helps soothe muscles while mitigating pain and fatigue, while a cup of dream will help your body wind down after a big day. 

beam’s clarity CBD powder is a totally-natural, CBD-fueled powder that combines Ashwagandha, Rhodiola extract, lion’s mane mushroom, and nano-CBD, helping you start your day off with a skip in your step.

beam clarity

Moran, a former Chicago White Sox pitcher, and Lombardi, a former New Jersey Devils and Pittsburgh Penguin player, want all beam’s products to be natural extensions of themselves; products that helped them be healthier and happier.

“Being former athletes, we looked into the CBD space; anything that could help us get that natural edge, recover better, perform stronger,” Moran says. “We noticed in the CBD category, there weren’t any companies talking to customers about benefits and functions. So that informed us to innovate and create products around four categories: balance, performance, recovery, and sleep.” 

Both co-founders create products they would use as professional athletes and act as their own product testers. 

beam elevate

Their products have helped beam accrue a fleet of big-name fans. Billy Horschel, Matt Frazier, Tia-Clair Toomey and Brooke Wells are all part of the beam community, and Danica Patrick, Kevin Hayers, and Brooks Laich have personally invested in the brand. 

beam just wrapped their Series A investment, receiving over $5 million in investment from a range of impressive investors, including Carter Comstock, the co-founder of Freshly. With backing like this and exciting products like the elevate line, beam is a brand that should be on every athlete’s radar. 

elevate can be purchased on in variety pack boxes (15-serving, five of each flavor), or individual flavor packs of 15-serving for $35 and a 30-serving pack for $59.