Floyd Mayweather Invites Fans to Victory Party at His Strip Club, Says ‘Breasts, Vagina, Music, and Alcohol Will Never Go Out of Style’

It’s hard to disagree.

Floyd Mayweather is so confident about his fight next weekend with Conor McGregor that the undefeated boxer is already planning his victory party. The location? His strip club, Girl Collection. 

Mayweather told Jimmy Kimmel on Tuesday that the general public is invited to celebrate his win at the Las Vegas strip club early into the morning on Sunday, August 26. He’ll be there, he said, and he’ll be getting paid. Not that he needs it, especially after the hundreds of millions of dollars he stands to make for the fight. But you don’t get a nickname like “Money” without prioritizing that paper.

How much will Mayweather make at his club on fight night? About $300,000 he told Kimmel. For any normal person, that would be a huge chunk of change, but for Mayweather it’s watch money. 

Kimmel seemed fascinated by the idea of Mayweather’s strip club, which opened in May. The 6,000-square-foot facility is a topless club that serves alcohol (all-nude strips clubs in Vegas can’t serve booze) and as Mayweather told Kimmel, he saw the club as a solid investment. “Breasts, vagina, music, and alcohol will never go out of style,” he said. 


Partying with Mayweather won’t come cheap though. According to ToplessVegas.com, tickets to the victory party, as they’re already calling it, will run you $300. A table costs $3,000. And that’s just to get in the door. If you’re after any of the other services offered at the club, that’s going to cost even more.