Jake Paul Reveals That He Made $45 MILLION Boxing In 2021

Jake Paul is making more money than any other boxer in the world right now.

(Getty Images)

Love him or hate him, Jake Paul is making serious bank as a professional boxer.

The social media superstar turned trash-talking pugilist was profiled on the 300th episode of HBO’s Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel, and claimed that he raked in a staggering $45 million for his three popular pay-per-view fights in 2021.

That would make Paul, 24–who has amassed his 5-0 professional record by past-their-prime UFC fighters–the highest-paid boxer in the world today.

Watch the Real Sports clip here, which includes Paul’s famous one-punch knockout of former UFC champ Tyron Woodley in their rematch. That highlight reel performance led Sports Illustrated to crown Paul the “2021 Breakout Boxer of The Year,” even though he has yet to face a ranked boxer in the ring. But having 70 million social media followers apparently means a lot when selling pay-per-view fights.

Meanwhile, Paul continues to poke at his many rivals in the UFC in a bid to set up his next pay-per-view bonanza, most recently calling out retired UFC fighter-turned-commentator Michael Bisping, 43.

Bisping’s fellow former UFC champ-turned-commentator Daniel Cormier suggested that instead of Bisping–who retired because of multiple injuries–Paul should target another aging UFC legend, Anderson Silva, 47, reports MMA Junkie.

“You want an older guy to fight?” Cormier asked. “Hey, there’s a former UFC champion that is doing exactly what you are doing. His name is Anderson Silva. That’s who you should be fighting Jake.

“That’s who you should be calling out. Because guess what, he still fits the mold. He’s a former UFC champ. Amateur boxer, because he’s only fought, I don’t know, only five boxing fights. He’s just like you, he’s your size, and he’s up there in age.”

Silva kicked off a pro boxer career after losing three straight fights in the UFC and leaving the MMA promotion. Since then, “The Spider” has faced Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. and Tito Ortiz, defeating both courtesy of his precision striking. Silva also has an upcoming boxing match set for May in Dubai.

“That fight actually gives us some idea of what this thing is that you’re trying to do or portray,” Cormier said of a potential Paul vs. Silva clash.

Watch Jake Paul’s full interview on Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel streaming on HBO Max now.