How Jay-Z May Have Helped Colin Kaepernick Get New NFL Workout

The hip-hop mogul has major influence in the wake of his recent NFL mega-deal, and reportedly helped the QB get a workout Saturday in Atlanta.

Colin Kaepernick Promo
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ESPN reported this week that controversial quarterback Colin Kaepernick was finally getting a chance to show the NFL whether he still has his mojo or not, via a workout set for Saturday, Nov. 16 in Atlanta.

Kaepernick later confirmed this in a tweet. 

NFL Insider and RapSheet host Ian Rapoport revealed that Kaep’s chance to get back in the game may have everything to do with Jay-Z‘s apparently substantial influence in the NFL, with which he signed a lucrative partnership in August 2019. 

The Source quoted additional commentary from Rapoport regarding what he’d heard: “I’m also told that JAY-Z, who is working with the NFL on some social justice initiatives, was involved in this and pushed this idea,” he said.

This is an interesting development for several reasons, including the fact that Jay-Z caused some controversy when he signed the deal, saying, “I think we’re past kneeling. I think it’s time to go into actionable items.” 

The NFL reportedly set up the workout for the former 49ers QB, who won a collusion suit against the league in early 2019.

CBS Sports reports the workout will not be open to the public and according to CNN, at least 10 teams plan on sending representatives to watch Colin Kaepernick do his thing.

Where it goes from there is anyone’s guess.