Kate Upton Furious After Boyfriend Loses Cy Young: 'I Thought I Was the Only Person Allowed to F**k Justin Verlander'

The supermodel is NOT happy with sportswriters who didn't vote for the Detroit Tigers pitcher.
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When the results of American League Cy Young Award voting were announced yesterday, a minor controversy quickly cropped up. Red Sox 22-game winner Rick Porcello won, but Tigers righty Justin Verlander received more first place votes. It turns out that Verlander was left off two ballots, leaving him five points short of Porcello and depriving him of his second Cy Young.

No one was more pissed about this than Verlander's longtime girlfriend Kate Upton, who vented her frustration on Twitter. 

Admirable job by Upton sticking up for her man, but it's hard to agree with her on this one. Percello got the most points, which might be a dumb system for picking the Cy Young winner, but it's the dumb system that's in place. 

Porcello, for his part, responded to Upton pretty succinctly. "I honestly don’t care," he said, adding that the voting really has nothing to do with the players, who "get paid to throw the ball." 

Still, Upton's anger is understandable, especially since this is the second time Verlander has lost the Cy Young by a razor thin margin. In 2012, he finished four points shy of winning back-to-back Cy Young Awards. 

All of that said, Verlander isn't getting much sympathy from us. Not when he's got a woman like Upton in his corner.