A Thirsty Mia Khalifa Just Got Owned By Oklahoma Sooners QB Baker Mayfield and His Gorgeous Girlfriend


Mia Khalifa Baker Mayfield
Left: Instagram/@miakhalifa

The tables have turned. The shoe is on the other foot. The tides have changed. 

However you want to say it, a thirsty Mia Khalifa was actually shot down by an athlete in a stunning twist of fate. 

And it was a college athlete, no less. 


During last weekend’s game between the Oklahoma Sooners and Baylor Bears, the sports-loving former porn star began hitting up OU’s quarterback, Baker Mayfield, on Twitter. 

Khalifa first tweeted the word “Daddy” at the 22-year-old senior in reference to the trash-talking player’s pregame skirmish with the Bears.

Sooners fans were quick to deride Mia, seemingly unaware of the reference. 


The Sooners did win 49-41, but not before Mia made her most blatant attempt yet to court Mayfield with the classic “You up?”   

How did he respond? The faithful young man deferred to his girlfriend and proceeded to block Mia immediately thereafter. All that was missing was an end zone dance. 


The former porn star took it in stride. “Getting curved is a part of life #boomer,” she wrote. 

As much shit as the dude talks on the field, he sure softens up when posing with his girl on the ‘gram. 


You can’t win ’em all, Mia. 


h/t: Barstool Sports