Michael Jordan’s Private Jet Has An Incredible Sneaker-Inspired Paint Job

His Airness is flying in true Jordan Brand style…


When you’re as rich as Michael Jordan, you have problems that normal folks could never imagine. Like when your maid gets sick and you have to wait an extra day to have your toilets cleaned.  Or when the popcorn machine in your home theater goes on the fritz and you have to microwave it. Or, as His Airness recently found out, when you get tired of the paint job on your private jet. 

MJ found a way to power through this rich person problem and replaced his old, boring design with a fresh new paint job. It’s what they call “elephant print,” which you may have seen on some of Jordan’s shoes over the years

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For the sake of comparison, here are some elephant print Js.

This paint job is a considerable upgrade over the old one, which was a pretty boring combo of Carolina powder blue and white with the Jumpman logo on the tail. 

As anyone with more than $250 million in the bank can immediately see, this thing was due for an upgrade.