Watch Michael Jordan Terrify Teammates In Clip From Original ‘Last Dance’ Documentary

The NBA GOAT brutally motivates his fellow Bulls in this throwback video.

michael jordan
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Michael Jordan wasn’t just the greatest player in the history of the NBA– His Airness was also a famously ferocious competitor, even when practicing with Bulls teammates. 

Jordan’s legendary killer instinct is on full display in ESPN’s upcoming 10-part documentary series The Last Dance. Brobible reports that in the wake of the virtual shutdown of the sports world and the closure of movie theaters, fans are “begging” ESPN to release the epic doc series early, 

Previously announced as debuting in June 2020 on ABC and ESPN, The Last Dance was rumored to be getting an early release after new commercials, instead of giving the June premiere date, just said “Coming Soon.”

But this week, it was revealed that the doc won’t be released early because it just isn’t finished yet. 

However, Brobible spotted a video shared by David Astramskas of Ball Is Life this week showing what he says is a clip from one of the original cuts of The Last Dance made over a decade ago that shows MJ at his most savagely competitive. He even talks about “breaking” fellow Bulls teammates who weren’t performing up to his high standards. 

Check out the fascinating video here.

“I would never say I was cutthroat. I was a competitor,” Jordan says in the clip. “I didn’t really care If I broke him. If they did get broken then they are not going to be helpful to us when we need them the most.”

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