The Video for Mike Tyson’s Soluja Boy Diss Track Is Full Of Knockout Hotties

Keep your eyes open and your ears closed for this one.

Remember last week when we brought you 30 painful seconds of a Mike Tyson diss track directed at Soulja Boy? Turns out there’s a whole song that goes with it. It’s awful.

Iron Mike drops lines like “Chris Brown’s gonna make you shit your pants” while a bunch of ladies lip sync along. Some are wearing bikinis in a hot tub, others are wearing business casual clothes on a basketball court. Yes, this is weird. It’s also the latest bid to promote the charity boxing match between Brown and Soulja Boy, which is supposedly taking place later this year in Dubai.

Bad as the song is, there is one obviously redeeming quality—the models.

The former heavyweight champ isn’t the only one who can cut horrible diss tracks. Soulja Boy, who’s got Floyd Mayweahter in his corner for the upcoming fight, just dropped his own diss track aimed at Brown and 50 Cent. Here’s how the song starts:

“Aye 50 Cent what you talking about?” Soulja says in the intro. “You made all that money off Vitamin Water and then filed for bankruptcy. You know I’mma knock Chris Brown out when I see him.”

Listen to the rest here if you’re a masochist