Mike Tyson On Why Logan and Jake Paul Have Zero Chance Against Floyd Mayweather

“He’s gonna get beat up pretty bad.”

Getty Images

Mike Tyson isn’t pulling any punches when it comes to predicting the outcome of  Sunday’s pay-per-view boxing exhibition between retired pound-for-pound great Floyd Mayweather and YouTuber-turned-boxer Logan Paul. 

Tyson, who made history as boxing youngest heavyweight champion during his reign, recently told TMZ Sports that neither Logan, 26, or Jake Paul, 24, (who caused a ruckus by stealing Floyd’s hat at a pre-fight presser) have a prayer against the 44-year-old Mayweather’s elite boxing skills.

“No. He’s gonna get beat up pretty bad,” Tyson says in the video, adding that neither of the YouTubers have a chance to win against Mayweather. Back in January, when Tyson was a guest on Logan’s Impaulsive podcast, Tyson was even more direct.

After reportedly ingesting four grams of magic mushrooms on air, the former heavyweight champ laid into Logan’s chance’s versus “Money” Mayweather.

“Floyd is going to beat your fucking ass!” Tyson said, according to Screenrant. Paul responded by asking Tyson, “You don’t think there’s going to be an opportunity to land a big punch on Floyd?” 

Tyson shot back, “Let me tell you something about Floyd. He’s in that gym. He doesn’t do drugs that’s his heroin, the gym.”

But despite the odds and all the naysayers who say the megahyped bout is a sham, that doesn’t mean plenty of people won’t be watching. 

Those who can’t resist tuning in on Sunday, June 6 will have to shell out $49.99 to watch on TV and digital platforms distributed by Showtime and Fanmio. 

The PPV part of the card will begin at 8 p.m. ET. and the Mayweather-Paul main event will probably begin sometime around midnight.