NFL Week 15: ‘Thursday Night Football’ Chiefs at Chargers Betting Odds & Predictions

The Chiefs And Chargers are set to battle for AFC West supremacy—place your bets now at MaximBet.

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“If the playoffs started” today is a fun game to play this time of the year. 

Certainly more fun than figuring out how you’re going to pay for all the gifts you’ve splurged on to buy your children and/or significant other’s love. In that game, nobody wins, well, except the people that get secretly gifted a car by their spouse in those dumbass commercials. 

There are four games to go for every team, a legitimate month of football. Anything could happen, and there is plenty to wager on at MaximBet during the home stretch of the 2021 NFL season

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There are 11 teams not currently seeded in the playoffs that are no more than a game out of it. I can’t remember any mid-December of my life that had this many squads still in the hunt, and you can’t even claim it’s unrealistic for any of them to advance. 

The Miami Dolphins started the season 1-7. Now they’re 6-7, winners of five in a row, and they were one of the teams getting the final bye this past weekend. They could still end up with the AFC East title and a home playoff game.

Only four teams are out of it and it’s the usual suspects — the Detroit Lions, Jacksonville Jaguars, New York Jets and Houston Texans. A veritable “Who’s who?” of “Who gives a shit?”

But everybody else? Still in the mix, so if you placed a preseason Super Bowl futures wager at MaximBet on the New York Giants to make the playoffs, you haven’t tossed your money into the woodchipper just yet. It’ll happen this Sunday, but you still get to enjoy not officially losing for another few days.

For the record, those “starting today” imaginary playoffs would look like this—Patriots are the AFC No. 1 seed and get the bye. Your Wild Card games would be the Bills at Titans, Colts at Chiefs and Chargers at Ravens.

In the NFC, the Packers get the top-seeded bye. Our Wild Card slate would be the WFT at the Bucs, 49ers at Cards and Rams at Cowboys. 

But we still have to get there and not all of these teams will make it. Four games to go is a lot of football.

NFL Thursday Night Football Betting Odds

Kansas City Chiefs (-4) at Los Angeles Chargers

After being tossed onto the garbage heap in October, the Chiefs have done the unthinkable. They won six straight, mostly thanks to their defense.

Defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo looked like he’d need to update his resume for assistant jobs back before Halloween. Now he might be up for some vacant head coaching positions. 

This is the biggest game of the year for the Chargers. They’re in a Wild Card spot at present. If they win this game, they control the AFC West and a home playoff game. They already knocked off Kansas City once back in the before times, 30-24.

Los Angeles’ problem is, they never really get a home game. While they play these games at SoFi Stadium, the other team’s fans always take over the place.

Nothing will be different Thursday Night and I have a feeling the KC’s offense has “fixed” its problems too. That stadium full of SoCal Chiefs fans will enjoy a good show.

Take the Chiefs at -4.

Adam Greene is @TheFirstMan on Twitter.

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