Olivia Munn and New 'BFF' Nick Swardson Keep Trolling the Hell Out of Aaron Rodgers and Packers Fans

To hell with the haters.
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It's enough to almost make you feel bad for Aaron Rodgers. At least as bad as you can feel for a millionaire star NFL quarterback. 

Rodgers's ex Olivia Munn has taken to poking at him and Green Bay Packers fans via Instagram, and it's pretty damn funny.

Munn is friends with Minnesota Vikings superfan Nick Swardson, so naturally the comedian has given her some gleeful assistance.

Swardson has also had some fun on his own Insta at Rodgers's expense. The post below makes you wonder just how bad the Munn-Rodgers breakup truly was if Munn's "BFF" is making jokes this.

Whatever's going on, a closer look at Olivia Munn's Insta makes it pretty clear she's not sitting around moping over Aaron Rodgers—who's also doing just fine. 

No matter how many Packers fans hit her Instagram comments with insults, Munn is out partying with friends all over and having a hell of a time. See the evidence below.