After Aaron Rodgers’ Bad Start, Packers Fans Are Begging Him To Make Up With Olivia Munn ASAP

Is the curse real?

Getty Images, Maxim

Fans of the Green Bay Packers aren’t used to watching Aaron Rodgers struggle. But that’s just what the two-time NFL MVP and 2011 Super Bowl champ has done in this young NFL season. 

After two games, he’s thrown only three touchdowns, with two interceptions and a fumble. The Packers are 1-1 in that span, but Rodgers has put up only the league’s 15th best quarterback rating in that time.

Something appears to be wrong, and fans of the team think they know what it is: Rodgers broke up with Olivia Munn! Could it be that she has somehow cast a Kardashian-like curse on her former boyfriend that’s currently haunting him on the gridiron? Absolutely not, but that hasn’t stopped Packers fans from speculating that Munn’s mojo is to blame.

Dating the stunning actress and former Maxim cover girl, who has been trolling Rodgers with the help of comedian Nick Swardson in recent weeks, brought too much attention on Rodgers, he recently told ESPN. That led them to break it off. 

After the Pack fell to the Falcons on Sunday night though, a bunch of fans were begging him to patch things up with Munn so he could get back to his winning ways.

Would having Munn back in his life make Rodgers a better quarterback? Seems unlikely. But even if Rogers decided he did want to get back with Munn, would she even have it? 

Given how much she appears to be enjoying life with all her famous friends, that seems unlikely too.