Paulina Gretzky Shows Off ‘Impressive’ Golf Swing


It’s a wintry Sunday just before Christmas in much of the world so let’s take a moment to admire this sunny video of Paulina Gretzky showing off a pretty badass golf swing, as noted by our friends at Barstool Sports. 

On the first day of the Masters, Paulina Gretzky watches Dustin Johnson at the Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia. 

Paulina’s long-term partner is Dustin Johnson, winner of the 2020 Masters tournament, and from the looks of her form here—and this is clearly a casual outing since big sweatshirts aren’t the most typical golfing attire—she and Johnson make a formidable couple out on the links.

As the daughter of NHL legend Wayne Gretzky, of course, she comes by her athletic prowess naturally. That said, we’re pretty sure Wayne couldn’t rock Daisy Dukes or the colorful and tiny dress Paulina is wearing in her new Instagram shot above. And we’re very sure no one would want him to.

Regarding her swing, Paulina has actually had plenty of practice. In this Golf Digest interview, she said she has “definitely played” and was “a total tomboy and loved sports.”

She also said her father is impressed by her natural athletic ability. “Dad always says I was his best athlete,” Paulina told Golf Digest. “I played softball until the sixth grade, and that’s when I said, ‘Dad, stop. I’m a girl.'”

And a stunning one, at that. Enjoy some choice pics from Paulina Gretzky’s must-follow Instagram account below.