Watch This Instagram Powerlifter Get Called Out for Using Fake Weights

The evidence is pretty damning.

Power Lifter
Image: Instagram/bradcastleberry

An Instagram-famous bodybuilder and powerlifter named Brad Castleberry is getting major flak for allegedly bolstering his bench press with fake weights to get more views and shares on social media. 

Award-winning natural bodybuilder and YouTuber Nick Miller posted the exposé above in which he breaks down examples of Castleberry’s suspicious bench attempts. 

Seemingly minute details visible in slow motion give Castleberry away, according to Miller. “Look how easily he just shifted that 700 pounds on the bar from side to side.”

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“I find it very hard to believe that 700 pounds would shift that easily, nor do I believe someone would try to shift 700 lbs side to side before they lift it.”

Aside from the critiquing his questionable form, Miller also points out that Castleberry claims to be putting up world record-worthy weight without any assistance from wrist wraps for two to three reps. 

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“700 pounds is a world record bench press [at his weight], and this guy is doing for reps and for fun in the gym,” Miller says. 

Castleberry also refuses to compete in power lifting contests, despite having been offered as much as $10K to enter, win or lose. 

Brad may be totally jacked, but looks like he might also be full of shit. 

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h/t: BroBible