Race Through F1 History With This High-Octane Coffee Table Book

Gentlemen, start your engines.

Formula 1: The Impossible Collection
Any doubts about Michael Schumacher’s genius and ability to give Ferrari victories were put to rest at the Spanish Grand Prix, when the German showed he was the equal of Ayrton Senna as a driver in wet conditions. 

Whether you’re recently hooked on Formula One after bingeing Netflix’s Drive to Survive or a race week addict who remembers watching the Ayrton Senna-Alain Prost rivalry unfold in real time, Assouline’s new coffee table book is a treat for anyone interested in the sport’s high-octane history.

Formula 1: The Impossible Collection
A pit stop for the rookie driver Lewis Hamilton in his second Formula One race, at the 2007 Malaysian Grand Prix.

Featuring selections by veteran New York Times F1 reporter Brad Spurgeon, Formula 1: The Impossible Collection illustrates the 100 most important moments of this iconic sport since its gentlemen’s club beginnings in 1950 to its current status as the world’s most popular motorsport.

Formula 1: The Impossible Collection
An X-ray of a Toyota T109, showing the driver’s position, which creates a low center of gravity.

Legendary drivers, bosses and personalities like Niki Lauda, Michael Schumacher and, of course, record-setting seven-time champion Lewis Hamilton are highlighted through the recounting of racing achievements, historic finishes and technical innovations. 

Formula 1: The Impossible Collection
Three races in the United States. For the first and only time—until the Coronavirus outbreak of 2020—a single country held three races in the same season.

And because luxury is indelibly tied to F1 culture—look no further than this weekend’s superyacht-surrounded Monaco Grand Prix—Assouline went all-out by presenting the tome with a hard clamshell case, metal plaque, and a red canvas tote.

Formula 1: The Impossible Collection
The only woman to score a (half) point. Finishing sixth in the Spanish Grand Prix, Maria Grazia.

Priced at $995, Formula 1: The Impossible Collection is available now. 

Formula 1: The Impossible Collection