Joe Rogan Says George St-Pierre’s Alien Abduction Claim Is Proof of Brain Injury

“He got hit in the head more than 800 times in his UFC career. He’s experienced a lot of head trauma.”

Joe Rogan George St Pierre
Photos: Getty Images

George St-Pierre thinks he may have been abducted by aliens, and Joe Rogan has some thoughts.

On an recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, former UFC Welterweight Champion Pat Miletich asked the comedian and UFC color commentator for his thoughts on GSP’s alleged extraterrestrial experiences. 

“I think it’s head trauma” Rogan said. “The way he describes things is very similar to the way people describe things when they’ve experienced excessive head trauma.”

“He misses time. His memory’s not good. He’ll get home and have groceries that he bought and left in his trunk and not even realize it. Then he’ll go out to his trunk and they’re rotten,” Rogan added.   

The French-Canadian fighter detailed memory issues on a previous episode of The Joe Rogan Experience. At the the time, St-Pierre strongly implied that he believed them to be due to a “third-type encounter.” 

“Sometimes, I’m looking at the clock, and It’s like I wake up and I look at the clock right after,” St-Pierre said. 

“It’s like the clock advances like four hours, or two hours. There’s a time zone that I don’t remember what happened. This is like a third-type encounter.”

It’s likely not a coincidence that the former multi-division champ, who’s fought 22 times in the UFC since making his debut in 2004, is experiencing inexplicable lapses in his perception of time. 

“I think they did a stat before the Bisping fight,” Rogan said. “I think he got hit in the head more than 800 times in his UFC career. He’s experienced a lot of head trauma.” 

Or, like Miletich said, “Maybe he had sex with a hot green chick.”