Russell Wilson Trade To Broncos Shakes Up NFL Betting Odds

The elite quarterback’s move from Seattle to Denver alters AFC West, MVP, and Super Bowl odds at MaximBet.

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There is no real NFL offseason. If they last few days have proven anything, there’s just as much competition and intrigue surrounding every team’s actions since the Super Bowl as in the weeks before it. It’s just that the key players are usually working a phone instead of a football and are in significantly worse shape. 

Tuesday, the Denver Broncos acquired Russell Wilson, Mr. Unlimited, from the Seattle Seahawks in exchange for two first round picks, two second round picks, a fifth-round pick and tight end Noah Fant. The Broncos also got a Seahawks fifth rounder in the deal.

If that seems like a lot to give up for Wilson, congratulations on reading your first NFL article. You should watch a game sometime. Maybe toss some cash on one at MaximBet. It’s fun. The rest of us like it a lot.

A quarterback, and specifically a proven franchise quarterback, is worth everything a team has to give up to get them. There are 32 franchises in the NFL. There are not 32 franchise quarterbacks on Planet Earth. Russell Wilson is a franchise quarterback. 

Denver has been in desperate search for just that since Peyton Manning retired after the 2015-16 season. They’ve drafted guys in multiple rounds, they’ve traded for them and none of it’s worked out. This is going to work out. The Broncos are now a contender, a significantly better team than they were Monday night. 

But how much better? And how much better will Russell Wilson be running an offense more attuned to his cooking talents as opposed to the 2 a.m. Waffle House grilltop Pete Carroll liked to run in Seattle?

AFC West Odds at MaximBet

  • Kansas City Chiefs +110
  • Denver Broncos +250
  • Los Angeles Chargers +350
  • Las Vegas Raiders +1000

Denver has shot up to second place and, if I’m a betting man (and I am. It’s why I have this job), it would be where I would pick them to end up next season (at +100) firmly ensconced as a Wild Card team. But the Chiefs showed last season they can easily take a stumble. And Patrick Mahomes has, shall we say, family problems that are worrisome if you want to lay all your cash on his team to win. 

All you need for your parlay or futures bets to go down in flames is Jackson Mahomes kicking a Make Wish Kid in the head during one of his shitty TikTok dances. 

It’s still almost impossible for me to believe that both those guys came from the same ballsack. 

Russell Wilson’s MVP at MaximBet 

Wilson is now +1500 to be named the NFL’s Most Valuable Player for the 2022 season. How do I feel about his chances? Not great, considering he’s never received a single MVP vote in his career. 

I do like Wilson better for that award than Kyler Murray (+1200), Dak Prescott (+1150) or Justin Herbert (+1150). 

Denver Broncos Super Bowl Odds at MaximBet

Finally, and most importantly, the Broncos odds to win Super Bowl LVII are now +1400.

That’s better than the Dallas Cowboys, Baltimore Ravens, Tennessee Titans and even the defending AFC Champion Cincinnati Bengals. 

Do we like that bet?

We definitely don’t hate it.

The last two offseasons saw two major quarterback acquisitions — Tom Brady to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2020 and Matthew Stafford to the Los Angeles Rams in 2021. Both those teams won the Super Bowl that same season largely due to those quarterbacks. 

Denver is exactly the type of team, with the exact type of roster, that could do the same thing. 

Why not go three for three?

Adam Greene is @TheFirstMan on Twitter.

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