Scottie Pippen Shows Off Baller Chicago Mansion in New Video

Inside the 1990s Bulls legend’s championship worthy pad.

Scottie Pippen may have been “livid” about his portrayal in The Last Dance, but that didn’t stop him from joking about watching the docuseries on Michael Jordan’s 1996-1997 Bulls team from the theater room of Pippen’s Chicago mansion. 

The six-time NBA champ and two-time Olympic gold medalist’s baller abode was the subject new video from Architectural Digest’s “Open Door” web series. Pippen, who currently lives in Los Angeles, says the Windy City residence now serves as a vacation home. 

YouTube/Architectural Digest
YouTube/Architectural Digest

Still, it’s got all of the luxe features and amenities one would expect, including the aforementioned movie theater, wine cellar, basketball court, steam room and sauna, two master bedrooms, and a vintage Ms. Pac-Man arcade cabinet (Pippen says his high score is around 200,000.)

Out back is a barbecue, swimming pool, and a small piece of turf from which Pippen practices chips in the back yard. He mentions Jordan again, saying that he’s never beat him in a game of golf as his “stakes are too high.”

Get the full tour of Pippen’s mansion in the video above.