Spring Breakers Are Getting Destroyed By The Insane ‘Oklahoma Drill’ Football Challenge

Watch the most brutal new trend on the beach.

Spring Break Oklahoma Drills Promo
Stills: Instagram/@5thyear

The nasty-ass “butt luge” that rose to prevalence during spring break 2018 might be absolutely gross, but at least it’s not physically dangerous. (Aside from your chances of contracting pink eye, of course.)

The same can’t be said for this brutal new beach trend. Young men brimming with testosterone and cheap booze played chicken with their unprotected bodies (and already-mushy brains) by running “Oklahoma drills.” Watch the madness below:   


This high-contact technique derives its name from its inventor, the late and great former Oklahoma Sooners coach Bud Wilkinson. 

Boston.com has further details: 

The Oklahoma drill, which pits two players in hand-to-hand combat within a confined space, usually demarcated by blocking bags 3 yards apart as a running back tries to sprint through the open space, is a head-bashing, eye-popping, plastic-breaking contact drill that was used to get an early glimpse of what players were made of.  

The drill isn’t over until someone is plowed to the ground, and many NFL teams don’t practice them because of the extremely high risk of injury. Running them shitfaced without any protection is utterly insane, but hey… spring break!  


Bikini-clad women got in on it too. Place your bets…


BOOM. Saturdays might be for the boys, but Oklahoma drills are for everyone. Let’s see that again from the champ’s angle. 


That clever guy tried to jump his opponent. But in this game, brute force always prevails. 


As if spring breakers weren’t already destroying enough brain cells by drowning themselves in beer and liquor, they’re now at risk for developing Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy. 

Speaking of CTE, we’re pretty sure this halfwit has it.