A Steelers Linebacker Went to Training Camp Dressed as Stone Cold Steve Austin

Vince Williams awesomely channeled the WWE legend.
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Stone Cold Vince Williams Promo

Vince Williams' arrival at the Pittsburgh Steelers' training camp was cold... stone cold. 

The 235-pound linebacker sported WWE legend Stone Cold Steve Austin's signature look—jorts, a spiked black leather vest, and no shirt—in photos and video posted on Twitter.

Title belt in-hand, hes even nailed The Ringmaster's swaggy strut for hordes of spectators. 

All that was missing was Austin's theme song—until Williams began blasting it from the sound system of his murdered-out F-150

The general consensus is that the bold entrance outdid that of Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown, who showed up to training camp in a freakin' chopper. 

Hopefully Stone Cold Vince Williams has some of that attitude to spare when the regular season kicks off in early September. 

h/t: Uproxx

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